Trademark can be any name, word, symbol, slogan, or device that serves to both identify and distinguish a business or product from others in the market. Once you have trademarked your business, if someone else makes an attempt to use something similar enough to confuse customers, you have the right to legally protect yourself and stop the other party. Nowadays, thecreation and development of trademarks could be of decisive importance to the survivorship of a whole company because of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks and the reputation such brands represent.

Trademarks truly are a valuable asset. The more your business reputation grows, the more valuable your trademark will be. While it is not required by law, trademarks registration become more and more important globally and can be a strategic tool to secure and develop business and to defend it against competitors.

At Lehacorp, we provide:

  • Trademark design: We provide a comprehensive brand identity design which ensure to gain both of commercial purpose and trademark application purpose.
  • Trademark application: we process trademark applications, review on refusal and cancellations, and take opposite actions on behalf of clients.
  • Trademark consultation: we provide information kit upon request from clients on trademarks based on specific market research, regular check and trademark review.
  • Trademark strategic management: We propose strategic management plan in trademark registration and trademark protection. We employ administrative and juridical channels in protecting and advertising trademarks. We offer consultancy in trademark transfer, licensing, franchising, and legal debates.

As part of the global business community, we recognize that optimal results are driven by a team approach to service. With that understanding, we collaborate every day with clients – and each other – to meet and exceed their expectations. Each of our practice groups has a unique set of capabilities designed to handle complex issues in a particular sector. Simultaneously, every member of LeanIP has a proven history of providing high-quality services, based on their extremely well in laws, a deep knowledge of industry, science and engineering, to a variety of clients.