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Patent, copyright, industrial design right and trademark registration set the legal framework for any mature enterprise to define itself as an equal, responsible player in the knowledge economy. It is not too difficult to find an example of one who losts his brand name or his precious trade secrets to a competitor due to piracy, counterfeiting, or even an infringement claim, but little awareness is raised about disadvantageous effect resulted from misguided, incomplete protection. Working with intellectual properties requires a comprehensive, strategic approach to deal with complicated issues in which a single decision can lead to huge difference in investment, and a minor slip could be of serious loss for a company in the future.

We deeply understand that intellectual property is the result of a business effort and that you deserve the competitive edge of creating new value for your business, customer and social. However, implement intellectual property rights, which are in national, multi-national, international or global scope, are always difficult because of the complex legal provision.

At Lehacorp, we advise and represent global players to protect their intellectual property with the most effective consultant and the simplest procedure; that we also definite as LEAN IP services.



Each member of the LeanIP team has a long history of training and research at national and international prestigious universities, as well as have worked and provided high quality consulting services to clients in a wide range of expertises.

  1. Mr Le Thi Thanh Ha (Hana): Hana is an enthusiastic professional in the area of brand protection and industrial design. She has participated in many projects on branding, brand protection; from governance to implementation. Founding Lehacorp with the desire to provide customers with the most complete service available for the brand, from branding, trademark registration, industrial and brand identity to enforcement. With more than 10 years of experience in branding and trademark consulting, Hana has accompanied with the leading national corporations in building and developing brands. Customers who have worked with Hana evaluate her professionalism, discipline and enthusiasm in the whole process, from consulting to execution.
  2. Le Do Nhat Quang (William): William is an expert on intellectual property in the region of ASEAN. With over 10 years in the field, William has participated in dozens of national and international training projects. William has consulted for a number of big and famous clients and earned their trust and loyalty by expertise, enthusiasm and professionalism.
  3. Vu Duc Minh Hieu (Hieu Vu): Mr. Hieu Vu has ten-year experiences in banking sector including corporate banking, investment banking and retail banking in big corporations such as Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank), Military Bank Securities and Oceanbank. Mr. Hieu Vu holds a Master Degree from University of Durham, United Kingdom, majored in Finance and Investment. Mr. Hieu Vu is an enthusiastic professional in the finnancials and banking industrial

As part of the global business community, we recognize that optimal results are driven by a team approach to service. With that understanding, we collaborate every day with clients – and each other – to meet and exceed their expectations. Each of our practice groups has a unique set of capabilities designed to handle complex issues in a particular sector. Simultaneously, every member of LeanIP has a proven history of providing high-quality services, based on their extremely well in laws, a deep knowledge of industry, science and engineering, to a variety of clients.